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 Req things.

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PostSubject: Req things.   Sat Feb 23, 2008 5:39 pm

Third Platoon is a guild that will try to progres fast and easy in all instaces, to do so we need serious and active people and we allso need officers/class leaders to keep the guild and raids runing.
We want to be a nice guild and if anyone feel outside we want to help them lean know more members of the guild so that no problems will appear.
We need the guildmembers to be as close to eachother as posible to make the raiding more fun.

So if you are thinking of joining Third Platoon you sould need:
-To be lvl 70.
-To learn new things and progres fast.
-To listen to what other in the guild have to say.
-To try to make the guild into a "family" so that everyone know they belong in Third Platoon.

-A plus is to have Kara preQ done so that we can progres to Grull and put Kara at the farmlist.


You sould also be ready to:
-Raid all days 6pm-11pm (2pm-12pm at the weekends).
-Make your own raids, like heroic and lvl 60 instances to keep the raiding spirit up.
-Help members from the guild.(also to make the guild more like a "family"


This may change in time.

Thanks for your time and good luck with your application.
Regards Crystalorb

Guild Leader of Third Platoon
lvl 70 Tauren Shaman
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Req things.
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